Great actions to work towards a more sustainable planet

Great actions to work towards a more sustainable planet

The company BWT, Europe’s largest manufacturer of water treatment equipment, began to be a member of Net-Pharma, first pharmaceutical hub in 2019, as part of the expansion of its Pharma & Biotech activity, offering solutions to the pharmaceutical and F&B industries.

BWT supplies equipment and turnkey solutions, from plant planning to maintenance, covering all technologies with the most advanced equipment and products.

Committed to sustainability and following their zero waste philosophy, they have installed a hot, cold and gas water source in the Hub so that everyone can have the best quality water directly from the tap, without unnecessary transport or plastics. The fountain has a built-in filter that removes bad tasting particles and enriches the water with magnesium.

At the same time, to reduce the use of disposable plastic as much as possible, they have distributed refillable bottles to the companies, so that they can enjoy magnesium-enriched water and km0; wherever they are. With the new #BottleFreeZone concept, they seek to contribute to building a more conscious environment to create links and enjoy work with quality water and a totally ecological philosophy.

With AQUAdrink fountains you will enjoy high quality water the way you like it, plain water, refrigerated or carbonated

Its services include:

  • Pretreatment of drinking water
  • Potabilization of all types of water
  • Desalination
  • Single and double stage osmosis
  • Patented Septron® EDI technology
  • Water for cold and hot injectables
  • Ozone generators for disinfection
  • UV Sterilizers
  • Pure Steam Generation
  • Distribution systems for PW, WFI and PS
  • Reuse of waste water
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Treatment and control of all types of air conditioning circuits
  • Treatment of steam generators
  • Wide range of cleaning and process chemicals
  • Turnkey water systems.
Unique pharmaceutical hub in Spain

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