Manapharma, faced wirth the current pandemic has united to promote telecommuting

Manapharma, faced wirth the current pandemic has united to promote telecommuting

Mana Pharma as a company in the pharmaceutical industry has always been open to new technologies, which is why the current pandemic has united us to promote telecommuting.  We trust and continue forward, actively and collaborating daily with authorities and other member in the industry during this world crisis.

We are experiencing difficult times, but more important is to fight and not stop.  That is why, we at Mana Pharma want to send an encouraging message to all our colleagues in the industry that we will overcome, we can.  Thanks to all the health professionals and we wish them victory soon, and to know that we are with them.

Mana Pharma, while fulfilling the regulations established by Spain, has initiated telecommute for those departments capable of doing so, and it is worth mentioning that the warehouse is open and covering the needs of our clients in person while satisfying security regulations to avoid contagion and provide service to clients as well as providers during this critical time.

We are fortunate to have our staff united and are ready during the fight against COVID-19, with the help of new technologies and to provide the best service for our clients, Mana Pharma continues to provide total availability.

Telecommuting and the ease of incorporating it, thanks to the management tools at the disposal of or staff, makes this time though a little uncomfortable will provide a better means for the organization to communicate and manage.

The union and communication between the different departments, tracking company objectives and to be able to fulfill every goal is a challenge daily for the personnel.

In closing, an operational tip to face this time and telecommute in the best way possible:  When you wake up, shower, get dress as though you are going to work, make a cup of tea, the one you like the most and begin to work!  If you like coffee more, that works too!

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