Net-Pharma DEPO, Adapting to new logistic needs

NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L. Adapting to new logistic needs

NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L., is a different pharmaceutical logistics operator that does not want to be just another warehouse, so by taking advantage of its privilege location in NET-PHARMA, can offer a really unique services within the sector.

Warehouse data

  • GDP Certification
  • Specialized, highly qualified personnel
  • Sampling area
  • 2,600 m2 of storage area
  • 2,750 pallet spaces
  • Temperature control between 15ºC and 25º C
  • Cold rooms for thermolabile products
  • Controlled access to the facilities
  • Picking Area
  • Communications and location, in Alcobendas with quick access to Barajas Airport and the Burgos Road.

What is the support that makes us different?

NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L. offers a numerous series of opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector:

  • The Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Clients of the pharmaceutical sector have the possibility of having all their services integrated in the NET-PHARMA facilities and focus exclusively on their business, since they could have offices, Technical Managers, warehouse (NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L.), sampling area, Importing Laboratory, Stability Chambers, Experts in GDPs regulations, Pharmacovigilance, Records, Experience in customs control, Shipment preparation area, Experts in pharmaceutical logistics, and other associated services.
    Customers who have chosen to outsource these services, it has meant a saving of more than 20% of their costs. This option is especially for TAC laboratories and customers in the pharmaceutical sector that require integrated services at an attractive price.
  • Being in the same location as NETPHARMALAB (Importing Laboratory, in compliance with GMPs, as required),  allows a quick way to take samples of the import product and to be able to carry out the GMP release of those import products whose origin is countries outside the EU, being a logistic operator that simplifies the import of final product from countries outside the European Union.
  • Warehouse lung, where blind pallets leave and enter the warehouse, with NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L. taking care of them. This type of service allows the Laboratories to have a security stock of certain materials without interfering in the operation of their own warehouses, nor collapsing their stores. If the Client requires it, NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L. can manage the stock of the materials under its custody.
  • Independent storage areas from Clients, which have their own physical storage space delimited by grating. In these cases, it is the client himself or herself who manages the stored material, without interference from third parties.
  • The storage services also include services to Clients with activities such as Health Products, Cosmetics and Body Care products, Food Supplements, etc.
  • Adaptation to any special requirement of the Clients (special conditions of conservation, narcotics, …) This allows us to support customers who may have a specific need for which they do not need to make an additional investment in the warehouse.
  • Competitive prices that make it an alternative to take into account when requiring logistics services or integrated services.
  • Agility in Audits, Contracts, Technical-Sanitary Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements, which make customers have a guaranteed quality of service in an agile way.

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