NET-PHARMA DEPO operating as buffer warehouse unites the hub

NET-PHARMA DEPO S.L. began operating in the pharmaceutical hub of Net-Pharma after becoming an authorised Wholesale Distribution Logistics Operator for Medicinal Products for Human Use in July 2019.

NET-PHARMA DEPO S.L. offers services such as Contracting Warehousing to Third-Parties and, within this activity, it is notable for being one of the first logistic operators who operate as a Buffer Warehouse.

The facilities have a storage surface area of 2,500m2 with a capacity for 2,100 pallet layers that is estimated to increase to 3,000 in the short-term.

NET-PHARM DEPO S.L. develop their warehousing activities relating to preserving the conservation characteristics of each medicine ensuring that the storage conditions comply with the Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

As part of their business activity they offer enclosed storage spaces with the following services:

  • Wholesale Distribution Logistics Operators for Medicinal Products for Human Use.
  • Distributors and Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in general (therapeutic diet, health, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, etc.).

The Buffer Warehouse was opened to cover the needs of their clients and has turned them into the leading pharmaceutical logistics operator. They are looking for long-term alliances based on the services and the quality of the same that they can offer.

The main objective of NET-PHARMA DEPO is to ensure quality, safety and efficiency during the time the products are stored in their spaces as well as gaining the trust of their clients making sure that they are completely satisfied with the service.

Their position in the pharmaceutical hub has been chosen for their strong interest in being able to form part of this project.

“The NET-PHARMA pharmaceutical hub is an excellent environment conducive to all opportunities in the pharma sector that may arise. Likewise, now that NET-PHARMA DEPO is part of the hub a more extensive range of services to cover all needs may be offered to the clients”, says Rosario Chica, Technical Director.

Unique pharmaceutical hub in Spain

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