NET-PHARMA DEPO, S.L.  is a pharmaceutical logistics operator, which has authorization as a wholesale pharmaceutical distribution entity for medicines for human use. It offers services such as Warehouse by Contract to third parties, and within this activity, it stands out for being one of the first logistics companies with activity as Warehouse Lung.

It develops the activities related to the storage and conservation of medicines, guaranteeing storage conditions in BPD environment at all times.

In the business activity, rental services of storage spaces delimited by lattice are offered, offering storage services to clients with activities such as:

  • Entities for distribution of medicines for human use.
  • Distributors and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in general (diet therapy, health products, cosmetics and body hygiene, etc …).


Values Values

Professionalism, Continuous training, Closeness, Trust and Specialization.

Warehouse by Contract to Third Parties
Warehouse by Contract to Third Parties
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