In Net-Pharma your time matter

First pharmaceutical hub in Spain

Efficiency and work are combined

First pharmaceutical hub in Spain

An optimal scenario for you to work

First pharmaceutical hub in Spain

More than 18

pharmaceutical companies

7.830 m2

arranged on 3 floors

20.000 m2

of area in Alcobendas

Our objectives

Networking and cooperation between companies

Achievement of a shared growth among all the companies

Optimization of the time and improvement of the service of the clients

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Net-Pharma services
  • Clean Room Arquitecture
  • Pharmaceutical Warehouse by Contract to Third Parties
  • Specialized Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Sector
  • GLP, GMP and FDA Analytical Services
  • Lyophilization Processes
  • Supply of Raw Materials
  • Consulting, Qualifications and Validations
  • Immunotherapy Treatments
  • Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
  • Legal Advice for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Development, Export and Commercialisation of Products
  • Automation Systems
  • Registration of Drugs
  • Toxicology
  • Water Technology
Unique pharmaceutical hub in Spain

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